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GRP-FRP Carriers

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  • FRP-GRP Cable Trays & Ladders
    • GRP-FRP cable carriers, also known as fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) cable carriers, are a type of cable management system used in industrial and automation applications. They are typically used to protect and guide cables and hoses, ensuring that they are organized and protected from damage caused by abrasion, heat, chemicals, and other environmental factors.
    • The cable carriers are made from a combination of glass fibers and resin, which creates a lightweight yet strong and durable material. The design of the carriers allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as the ability to add or remove cables as needed.
    • GRP-FRP cable carriers are commonly used in a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and packaging. They are often preferred over other types of cable management systems because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


    Height: 50-80-100-150mm                                                                     
    Width : 100-150-200-300-400-450-500-600-700-800-900
    Length: 3000mm and 6000mm

    Advantages of Using GRP-FRP Products,

    High Chemical Resistance. Chemically resistance for severely corrosive environments. Life-cycle cost is dramatically reduced by the extended life expectancy of this product.
    High Weather Resistance. GRP is extremely resistant to low temperatures and exhibits well performance even in harsh climates.
    High Mechanical Resistance. Pultruded profiles have been classified and approved NEMA 12°C and NEMA 20°C classification. Pultruded profiles can be supported up to 6M span, which reduce both the number of supports used.
    Light-Weight. High strength-to-weight ratio as compared to metallic systems. Density is around. 1,75 gr/cm3 and 40% lighter than conventional metallic systems. Low-Maintenance Cost. Continuous maintenance and cleaning are eliminated and cost effective-long term solution is provided.
    High Dielectric Strength / Insulating. Low electrical conductivity properties and high dielectric strength. Conductivity can be increased upon request by enhancing anti-static properties.
    Quick & Easy Installation.GRP cable tray is strong and lightweight, allowing durable system to be installed quickly and easily.
    Secure for Cables. There are no sharp edges or burrs, long runs of armored cable can be installed with less chance for cable damage. Cable bundles can be laid in the tray from either side.

    Application Area,

    • Wastewater treatment plant • Power plants • Mine industry  • Chemical plants  • Onshore/offshore installations  • Tunnels • Farms and food production 

    • Solar and photovoltaic applications   • All project under harsh condition